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If you have very high VA wines that are otherwise important to you, consider your alternative.  We have developed a reputation for dealing with these problematic wines--wines which used to get distilled or put down the drain. Why? Well, because we can save them without harming them.


Our crowning achievement is an aromatic white that started at 9.5 g/l  (.95 g/100ml).  No, I did not misplace a decimal point. And we did it without changing the pH significantly.


Working at very high VA levels obviously doesn't come cheap (that would be the equivalent of 7+ passes!).  But we were able to do it at a price that made sense for the customer!


Until we developed our membrane especially for VA removal, it was impossible to remove volatile acids at high rates without also removing fixed acids at high rates. But we are able to remove very high levels of VA and low levels of fixed acids. And we do it all at the same gentle parameter as our other va removal.

High pressure processes (over 400psi) hydrolize aromatic esters and denature phenols. Our low pressure process leaves the wine unharmed.  That, combined with very low fixed acid removal, makes for a great way to reclaim otherwise desirable wines.

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