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"When you start looking at a problem, it seems really simple--because you don't understand its complexity.  And your solutions are way to oversimplified, and they don't work.  Then you get into the problem and you see it's really complicated.  And you come up with all these convoluted solutions.  That's where most people stop, and the solutions tend to work for a while. But [innovators] will keep going and find the key underlying principle of the problem and sort of come full circle with a beautiful, elegant solution that works."

--Steve Jobs


We believe it is important to share as much information with you as possible about the processes we have designed for the gentle treatment of your wine.  Early on, we realized that the principal task for us was to design unique membranes.  Off the shelf membranes for other industries, from milk to nuclear power, just didn't treat wine the way we felt was mandatory.  They required high pressures, or altered the wine's chemical composition, or stripped aromas.  So, membrane design came first, to achieve processes that are low pressure and do not alter wine, other than in the ways desired.



We do something very different than everyone else when it comes to process design.  Many of the components used in the specialized filtration of your wine are very expensive. Therefore, it might be tempting to standardize equipment as much as possible.  This would also mean standardizing process design as much as possible.


When you need the same equipment to perform multiple processes, you make compromises in each and every process.  So you end up with process designs that are never the best possible for the given application.


Enter Mavrik.  Our difference is that we design an optimal process for everything we do.  This is inconvenient. For us. But to you, it means an optimized process every time, no compromises. This means we must use different equipment for different processes sometimes.  So be it, if that is what it takes to have the ideal process, every time.



We have rapidly learned that this committment requires custom membranes.  We have worked closely with multiple membrane manufacturers to develop our own exclusive membranes for each of our processes.  Each one is developed with an eye toward minimizing the required amount of processing and with the requirement that it is effective at very low pressures.



Most of our processes start with a simple principle: separate the wine into two different portions, by membrane.  The retentate portion does not pass through the membrane and is never treated in any way.  This contains all of your wine's desirable flavor components which might be otherwise harmed by treatment.  Laboratory analyses confirm that all of the desirable phenols and aromatic compounds remain in the retentate at all times and are never subjected to any treatment.


The permeate is the portion of the wine that passes through the membrane.  It appears as pure as tap water, although it contains a fair amount of alcohol, along with the target compound(s) of the process.


Every membrane is different in some way and allows different compounds into the permeate under different conditions. We test many membrane designs for each process, before settling on the best, for that application.



The second step of most of our processes is selective adsorption of some compound(s) out of the permeate.  Again, there are literally dozens of materials, with different electrical properties, liquid affinities, pore sizes, and so on.  Each adsorbs different compounds under different conditions.


We choose the best for each application based on selectivity.



The last step is probably obvious, but the permeate and retentate are then recombined inline.  The entire separation last for mere seconds.  Everything takes place at ambient temperature without the application of heat or cold.

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