Rapid Cold Stabilization


What We Need:

  • An initial Potassium Concentration Product panel (CP) on the blend we will be treating,
  • the gallons to be treated
  • the blend to preferably to be in one tank
  • under 100 NTU
  • minimum of 60 fahrenheit


We offer the most sustainable removal of potassium to eliminate the potential for precipitation of potassium bitartrate. Unlike chilling or ED, this process removes only potassium, so it effects the flavor of the wine in no way.

Our proprietary separation allows us to adsorb these ions without any effect on color, phenolics, or aroma, and without applying high pressures.  Our advantages include:

  • lower cost than other methods--dramatically less in many cases
  • much faster than alternatives
  • does not remove an array of polar constituents, such as tartaric/malic acid, calcium, magnesium, like other methods do
  • no wine loss from processing
  • no loss of colloids or other collateral damage experienced with other methods
  • does not use water for extraction of ions (~15% of the wine volume in water may be used by other methods, unless high-energy recovery methods are utilized)

The bottom line is that it is faster, better, cheaper than your alternatives for removing potassium from your wine. Flavorwise, the resulting wine does not taste the same as the product of chilling or electrodialysis.  It tastes better, as there has been no collateral loss of colloids, acid, aroma or color.

Contact us if you would like assistance in determining how much your current approach is costing you. We have peer-reviewed references and more to help make the comparison.

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