Always the Best Price

We never get beat on price or quality of the process. We always provide the best quote for the work, right up front.  However, if ever there comes a time that you find a lower quote for the work you want done, we will beat it.


Actual-Price Estimates

Our customers get estimates with all costs included.  The only thing that makes them change is if the parameters spelled out on the Estimate change (gallons, initial value, target value).


No Gimmicks

At Mavrik, we don't go for gimmicks in pricing.


We don't price by the day.  "We charge $X,XXX per day.  We think that will take two days."  Problem is, it takes three, four, five days.  Who pays? Well, you do, because the charge is by the day. The delay was your fault of course.


We don't quote one price, but then add-on a bunch of hidden charges. Mobilization fee, setup fee, facility fee, transportation, transformer rental, extra passes, operator costs extra, license fee, technology fee, royalty, etc.


We don't charge by the "pass". This means you almost never end up where you want to be--underprocessed or overprocessed, and/or paying more.  Look at this example:


1,500 gallons of Cabernet with a VA of 1.3 g/l--just above the legal limit.  One pass (-30%) brings your VA to .91 g/l.  Hmm, still a little "vinegary" and a little harsh on the palate, as you suspected it would be.  So, another pass?  Double your cost, and your going to about .64 g/l.  Okay, but you want it at about .75 to .8 g/l, because you know that it will be a little dead on the palate and aromatically at .63 g/l.  With us, you get to choose, and you only have to pay for what you get. No extra passes to pay for, and no undesired results.


Again, no gimmicks at Mavrik. You get your Estimate, and you make all the choices about processing your wine.


Minimum Fees

It is important to note that our minimum fee for mobile work is a minimum per Estimate fee.  Not a minimum daily fee.


Over Minimum

We are much less costly than our competitors (typically 20-50%).  We actually offer some services at such savings that some wineries contract us to do the work, even though they have the equipment to do it themselves. Contact Us today to see the difference.

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