Frequently Asked Questions


What pressures are used and will this damage my wine?


Our processes do no damage to the wine. We operate at very low pressures--typically 200-350psi, which is 50-80% less than everyone else. As with any handling, the wine may become slightly disjointed for a short time, but it will recover rapidly, and will additionally show the benefits of removal of the target compound(s).


What condition does the wine need to be in prior to treatment?


Our equipment is reasonably tolerant of wines in a wide state of preparedness. A rough filter is always sufficient. To aid efficient processing we require that wines have turbidity less than 50NTU or so. If your not familiar with NTU, no problem. A good settling and clean racking will usually do it. The important thing to remember is no suspended solids and no lees. If you think your wine may be too dirty--a stuck fermentation for example--discuss this with us. We can process it in almost any condition, but we need to know what condition it is in before we show up so that we are prepared.


How long does the process take?


This varies greatly depending on how much wine there is and how much change is desired, along with which process we are discussing. Regardless, compared to other alternatives, our processing is often faster because we design our equipment and processes for optimization, not "one size fits all". In any event, we have many sizes available for most processes to get the job done quickly.


How much does the process cost?


Each job is priced differently according to the extent of processing required and whether quantity discounts are applicable. In every case, we offer better pricing than the other, less enologically desirable, alternatives. Usually the price difference is substantial (10-50% less). Contact Us today for a quote.


Is the process approved by the TTB?


Yes. And generally, CCOF approval is available or possible as well.


Can I over-treat just a portion of my wine and back blend?


Yes, sometimes, but don't overdue it. It is always true that you process your wine the least by processing the whole lot. That is because, when removing a compound(s) from wine, it is necessarily less effecient the lower you go. Therefore, more processing volume/time relative to the entire lot is required when you try to work with just a portion.


The contradiction to this is that some processes are so hard on the wine that you had better over-treat a portion. Effectively you totally sacrifice a portion of the blend to eliminate the inevitable damage that might result if you processed it all. We don't offer any of those processes, as we consider them sub-standard winemaking.


What do I need to have you remove alcohol at my winery?


Despite the fact that there is no distillation (or even heat) involved in our process, you must have a Distilled Spirits Plant permit. The TTB wants you to document carefully where your alcohol is going. We have worked with them to simplify the process. Don't want a DSP? No problem, just ship your wine to one of our processing centers near you.


What is the smallest quantity that can be treated?


It depends on the process, but very small lots can be treated economically. We don't however offer our services to home winemakers.


Can you reduce the alcohol or VA to restart a stuck fermentation?


Sure. No Problem. Contact Us today to restart your ferment.


Will my VA come back after treatment?


Maybe! That is up to you. Our process does not treat the microbes that cause VA. Instead it removes the volatile acids (and/or ethyl acetate) that they produce. To deal with your microbes, see our section on preventing the return of VA.


Will your equipment run at my site?


Most likely. Our equipment generally operates on 3-phase power, 480v, 30 amp circuit or 240v 50 amp. However, we have a variety of transformers for other power modes. Contact Us today to find out if we can operate at your facility.


What effluent does the process generate?


Similar to cleaning a small tank in most cases.


Can I purchase my own equipment?


All equipment is available from us for sale.

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