Working With Us

Our goal is for pricing to be clear, easy to understand, and entirely disclosed up front, with no surprises.  We also strive for your experience to be as smooth and well-organized as possible. We utilize cutting edge technology to make these goals a reality.


We believe that working with written agreements is best. It lays out expectations and responsibilities of the parties.  Working without an agreement can leave you in a lurch if something unexpected happens.



This a simple one-page outline of your wine, and what you expect us to do.  Any time you have work for us to do, we prepare a new one-page estimate for you.  This is all you have to deal with then, this one simple page.


It outlines ALL of the charges.  The only thing that can cause this to change is if the job changes (gallons, initial value, target value). We have no hidden costs, add-ons, or any other charges that do not appear on the Estimate.



We use the latest technology to swiftly deliver documentation directly to your email inbox.  You can review easily and e-sign with just a few mouse clicks.  Need to send it to someone else? No problem, delegate it from your email with a simple click.  Or, if you would rather you can simply hit print.



We have a simple agreement, which you only need to deal with the first time we do work for you. It doesn't reference any specific work or pricing, it merely describes how we will work together, if we do.

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