Pyrazine Removal



What we often call "pyrazine" is more accurately called "methoxypyrazines".  There are a handful of related compounds which can appear in various ratios in many varieties. Obviously, cool, shaded, and/or underripe fruit most often show this character (although some insects can introduce a type of pyrazine taint too).


Like any complex aroma, the expression can vary over time and according to ratios present. It can range from raw green pepper to stewed asparagus.


ETS now offers testing of pyrazines in wine (as well as juice and grapes).  Testing is very useful to confirm what your palate tells you.  Our process for pyrazine reduction is so efficient, it doesn't actually matter how high the pyrazine level is.  Any variation in processing to below threshold is negligible.  As always, we pass the savings from from our high efficiency on to you with remarkable pricing.

Also familiar will be our classically low pressures and high selectivity.  Trials are available, but are not necessary.  If its green, it can be treated, without collateral damage.


Alternatives: Micro-Oxygenation, Oak and Tannins

There are options such as integrating those flavors via microx or covering them up with oak or additives. Either way, the attempt is to build colloidal structures that incorporate the pyrazines into ever more complex compounds.


In our experience, diligent application of microx can't "cover up" green characters, but can hurry a wine through the evolution of (and, hopefully, eventual integration of) pyrazine related aromas a little faster.


Oak and other additives seem only to work at very low levels of pyrazine character.  Trying to cover up pyrazines w/ oak almost always results in unbalanced oak, and never really seems to cover it up completely.  Additives can be quite costly, and still not be effective.


Contact Us today to find out how to eliminate the flavor risks posed by methoxypyrazines in your wine.

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