TCA Removal

TCA and related compounds are effectively adsorbed by polymeric resin materials.  Some companies offer a service where they pump your wine through a resin bed of these compounds. We don't recommend this because it strips wine and is much more costly than simpler alternatives.

For minor contaminations by TCA (<5-6 ng/l) and its related compounds, we recommend buying the plate and frame filter pads sold for that purpose.  They are impregnated with the same resin, and are much more cost effective than an outside service and achieve the same results.


Unfortunately, these polymers also adsorb a variety of wine compounds, including phenols, anthocyanins, and aromatic compounds.  So, for higher levels of contamination, or in high end wines, this may not be an option. You should be able to obtain a sample from the pad's manufacturer to conduct your own trial.

For situations where filter pads won't do, we do offer a separation and adsorption process.  This separates the sensitive wine compounds from treatment and adsorbs the TCA (and related compounds) from a clear permeate stream.  There is no processing loss, and no stripping.

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