Treatment Alternatives for Smoke


A few winemakers have tried aggressive fining only to discover that they have removed all of the flavor and aroma from the wine EXCEPT for the smoke taint.


An enterprising company even offers a service where they fill up small tanks with fining agents in bead form. Then they pump your wine through the beaded fining agents.  Essentially they offer aggressive fining without settling and racking required.  The effects on the wine are the same as fining it yourself, but it costs much more.



Good clean lees will adsorb a lot of things--offensive volatile phenols included. But be sure they are truly clean, or you can bring problems from other wines.



This doesn't work in practice nearly as well as it seems like it should.  Several independent studies (and many informal trials) have determined that you have to utilize less than about 5% of smoke tainted wine in a blend in order to eliminate the offensive sensory effects.

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