Ethyl Acetate

Where there is elevated VA, there is often elevated ethyl acetate. And, under certain circumstances, there is elevated ethyl acetate w/o elevated VA.

In the absence of elevated VA, the nail polish remover aroma of ethyl acetate is unmistakable.  Unfortunately, you might not be able to detect it over the VA--until the VA is reduced.

It is possible that removing acetic acid will uncover an underlying ethyl acetate problem.  One approach is to have us come back out and remove the EA.

However, it is clearly better to determine this ahead of time. Lab analysis of ethyl acetate costs a bit more than VA, but a lot less than the cost of having to treat the wine twice.

It is also important to make sure that your estimate specifies that ethyl acetate will also be reduced to the desired level. It is not removed in the same proportion as VA and will not automatically be below threshold at the end of your processing.

It is important to have your wine analyzed for EA before processing.  Once we know it is problematic, we can concurrently target the EA and you can avoid the extra cost of a return trip.

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