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You should be aware that responsibility for TTB compliance lies with you at all times, not with the company that provides a filtration service or sells you equipment.  We work hard to know the rules and to keep you informed.  You should expect this of your service or equipment provider.  But you should never rely on the word of a third party about what is permitted. Not even us.


If you have any doubts, we can assist you in finding out directly from the TTB, and we can help you do that anonymously if you like.  Contact us for assistance.


All wine treatments must be approved by the TTB and all alcohol removal must be done in a Distilled Spirits Plant.  The TTB's definition of distillation is essentially "anything that changes alcohol content." Thus, all approved methods are called "distillation" although one (ours) is actually not distillation at all.

  • Membrane Alcohol Filtration (called Osmotic Distillation by the TTB)
  • Vacuum Distillation (of which the spinning cone column is the best known)
  • Concentration by Reverse Osmosis combined with Distillation of the permeate and recombination of the alcohol-free permeate with the concentrated wine


  • Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration concentration followed by (or preceded by) water addition
  • Adding water to wine
  • Any other method not listed above


  • Conducting any activity which changes the alcohol level of wine without a Distilled Spirits Plant permit
  • Shipping any part of your wine out of your premises, including RO permeate, if your wine is Estate Bottled


The TTB permits ultrafiltration of wine for a number of purposes.  However, ultrafiltration is a special type of membrane which passes much larger compounds than nanofiltration.  The permission to use ultrafiltration (up to 25,000 Dalton molecular weight cutoff and less than 200psi) is not permission to concentrate wine by nanofiltration (or reverse osmosis), which remains illegal in the US.

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