Our Mission

Our Mission is simple:  To provide value-added services and equipment to the wine industry that improve the quality of wine, make winemaking easier, and/or reduce the cost of making wine by designing optimally efficient and simple ultraselective wine filtration processes that eliminate collateral impact on the wine.

Our approach to this requires some explanation.  We are a group of veterans of the industry who decided to start up our own company in order to do things very differently than how they have been done in the past, including:

  • To spell out carefully and clearly, in a written Estimate, all of the parameters of the work, including any target values set by the customer
  • In this Estimate, to specify clearly all of the costs associated with the work
  • To not vary those costs, unless the job parameters change (gallons, initial values, or target values)
  • To put only allow neat, experienced, courteous professionals to touch your wine
  • To empower the customer to make decisions that effect her/his wine
  • To bill at the lowest sustainable rate
With these goals in mind, we named Mavrik and set out to make it happen.  Our feedback tells us we are succeeding and we continue to build our business mainly on word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction.
Mavrik contacts
345 Tesconi Circle
Santa Rosa , CA 95401
Phone: 707.320.0672 
Fax: 206.984.2872
Europe: 44 2035 191 312

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